Oklahoma Center for Empowerment, LLC (OCoE) Community-Based Services promote independence, integration, and economic development, based on the client’s age and culture appropriate choice.Job Coaching

Community-Based Services are provided to groups of five or less clients, targeting community-integrated experience, based on individualized employment-related support.

Employment-related support includes participation in the following:

  1. Job tours with local employers
  2. Job shadowing with local employers
  3. Volunteering
  4. Paid or unpaid work experience in a community integrated setting
  5. Direct support for service recipients seeking skilled training provided by a trade and/or vocational school, community college, as well as other community organizations.
  6. Integrated settings stamina-enhancing programs
  7. Transportation to and from Community-Based Services
  8. Appropriate breaks and lunches
  9. Utilization of Workforce Oklahoma services, in addition to attending local job fairs

All activities are geared toward the following employment options:Job Placement 2

  1. Full-time employment of service recipient’s informed choice with natural supports
  2. If one full-time job is not feasible, then two part time jobs equating to one full-time job.
  3. If employment is not currently available, short term unpaid training and/or volunteering in accordance with the Department of Labor; additionally, resume development, job exploration, and/or short term center-based activities.