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Employment Training Specialist (ETS)


Oklahoma Center of Empowerment, LLC (OCoE) Employment Training Specialist (ETS) services provides supportive assistance, training, and development, along with necessary evaluations for clients enabling them to obtain and participate in paid employment, with a minimum of 15 or more hours per week.

This Includes:

  • When a client requires 100% on-site support up to six weeks per Plan of Care year, based on
    the scheduled hours worked.
  • ETS services are provided to the individual client with new jobs and pay rate of at least minimum wage, with Oklahoma Center of Empowerment Group not acting as the employer.
  • All ETS services provided will be pre-approved and identified in the recipient’s Individualized Plan (IP) and germane to the client’s desired outcomes. ETS services will utilize up to 20 hours for assessment and outcome development in addition to up no more than 40 hours for job development upon the client’s completion of 3 consecutive months of employment. Documentation of activities will be submitted to service recipient’s Case Manager, prior to the utilization of services. In addition, based on request a Case Manager’ request, ETS services will be provided in team meetings when the participation of
  • direct services staff is needed.
  • ETS services will also be utilized to assist the service recipient in job interviewing
  • ETS services will assist in the development of PASS and/or IRWE (Impairment Related Work Expense) when needed, with pre-approval from assigned Case Manager if service recipient has not had these developed by the Department of Rehabilitation Services and/or an Oklahoma Benefits Specialist.