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Motivation/Self Awareness (MSA)

Motivation / Self Awareness (MSA)

lcsa-e1342716995396Life Changing Self-Awareness Program: Designed to provide comprehensive advice, personal coaching, background information, and guidance on the most relevant topics in Independent Growth and Education.  Additionally, this program is a concise guide carefully crafted to provide a highly practical resource for readers with all levels of education and life challenges. This will assure quality and self-independence to our participants, due to each volume being closely reviewed by specialized content advisers in the medical, education and spiritual community. With this said, whether a person wants to improve their present life situation, their skills or are having life challenges that are affecting their quality of life, this solution-oriented program offers reliable alternatives.



identity-795295_640Self-Esteem Program: Dreams, Hopes & Goals will take a self-awareness personal assessment and learn more about themselves and their circumstances in order to target their goals and dreams. Students will learn about self-accountability and responsibility. This course examines the issue of self-advocacy. Students will learn to communicate with diplomacy and develop support channels. Students will examine some common conditions that affect one’s quality of life, including ADHD and various stigmas.




accomplish-1136863_640Motivation/Inspirational Program: Several tools and processes are introduced to assist with this exploration of self and uncertainty. The workshop builds on the leadership concepts contained in all courses and provides an opportunity to bring together all prior learning in leadership and related coursework and experiences, both professional and personal. The Motivation/Inspirational Program enables students to expand their thinking outside the present concepts and explore the arena of leadership as it will affect and apply in the future to the individual, the group, the organization, and industry.



accounting-3190208_640Social Skills/Financial Management Program: This is a program designed to teach individual goals in a small group setting and generalize mastered skills with typically developing peers. Our social skills groups are organized so people are matched with 2-3 people demonstrating similar skill levels. In a small setting, the individuals learn and practice new skills. Programming for skills consists of direct teaching, contingent reinforcement procedures, plan for generalization, systematic prompt fading, and strategies with minimal adult-mediated prompts.