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Career Development


Career Planning: At Oklahoma Center of Empowerment, LLC (OCoE) help set career goals which can be a specific job that a person wants to do — such as Cashier or Medical — or be a particular field in which a person would like to work, such as medicine or education.  Rather than limiting their future, a career goal helps discover career possibilities which wouldn’t have been thought of otherwise. There are several job possibilities with any chosen career. For instance, if you choose a medical career, you may want to be a CNA, a nurse, etc.  A career goal can also guide a person into doing what they want with your life.

We have developed a comprehensive program to assist people in having a solid and effective resume which can greatly improve their chances of landing that dream job. How does one make sure that his/her resume is top notch and bulletproof? There are several websites with tips but usually, they contain just a handful of them. We wanted to put them all together in a single place.



job-interview-437026_640Mock Interviews: (OCoE) has developed specific questions that are asked by most interviewers to assist people in understanding the meaning of the questions asked of them.  After training, we will set up an office for a make-believe interview, make sure the people are dress correctly, on time for the interview, etc.






setting-2473880_640Job Placement: This program assists individuals in how to search and find gainful employment.